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Energy Saving Technologies

Here a Pool Engineering UK, we aim to make the luxury, affordable.

With new technologies coming available all the time, combined with new energy saving approaches to already in use equipment, it is becoming cheaper and easier to make large savings on the running cost of your swimming pool.

For Example, with your domestic pool, using the equipment that you are already have installed for you air handling, in a more direct and energy efficient way, a saving of 60-70% on your running costs can easily be achieved. By upgrading your pool heating, to a more cost effective and energy efficient equipment could save 1000s on your running cost. Such as an Air Source Pump, which could lower your running costs by 80%.

Collectively, a saving of 66% can easily be saved on running costs year on year with the energy efficient refinements that Pool Engineering UK have to offer.

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For commercial pools, there are a lot of ways to refine the use of your existing equipment to lower your running costs.

By installing equipment to control heat loss, and equipment to manage the use of your pools and feature rooms, large savings can be made without affecting your customer experience.